Instapundit Goes Dark For Thousands, Here’s Your Fix

Glenn Reynolds preparing to beat the stuffing out of his IT guy…

And here we thought we were the only ones causing issues for our readers. Consider this our blogosphere public service announcement for the day…

If you’re a fan of Glenn Reynolds’ Instapundit site and also an avid feed reader you might be wondering if he’s on vacation or offline. You see those who read Instapundit by RSS feed haven’t seen an update to the site since August 13.

The feed of the site, helpfully linked on the top of the Instapundit site, is says that it is located at:

Google Reader confirms that it’s fairly popular.

It just stops with new updates on August 13th. You can see that if you click-through on the feed link.

Well it turns out that the feed isn’t working any more. There’s a new feed which IS being updated.

Per Google Reader, that feed isn’t nearly as popular.

So it would appear that if you want to keep reading Instapundit via feed reader of any sort you will have to use the new address.

It would have been helpful if the Pajamas Media tech guys informed the Professor of the change so he could have alerted his readers in advance.

They also might want to update the RSS link on the masthead and sidebar which still point to the old, inoperable feed.

And while they’re at it the should prepare for some pain. It’s not nice to mess with The Blogfather…

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