Paul Ryan At Miami University

Instapundit posts a user submitted photograph of people waiting for Paul Ryan at Miami University in Oxford, OH.

I wasn’t aware until recently but Paul Ryan is Miami University alumnus.  This is of particular interest to me as my father was a professor at Miami, my mother worked there many years, and my brother and I both went to Miami as undergrads.  I am very curious as to whether the Miami connection will help Romney-Ryan in Ohio.  That of course is very hard to measure but in terms of Ohio in general, the initial indication seems to be yes:

Romney has seen the largest gain in Ohio, a state we have seen bounce between the campaigns over the last few months. Today, the GOP ticket leads by 2 points (46% to 44%), compared to July when President Obama led the state 48% to 45%

Not surprisingly, Miami University is very proud of the connection.

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