Joe Biden: Vice-Dunce

Just when you’ve figured Team Obama has quite possibly hit their lowest point in campaigning and rhetoric, they trot out something else just to make sure the bar still has a few rungs left.

This time, it was Old Man Biden again. You know, “Joe just being Joe.”

In Danville, Virginia, Tuesday, the audience, which was described as roughly half black/half white, was treated to one of Old Man Biden’s campaign barnstorm speeches.

And he didn’t disappoint!

John Kass from (of all papers) the Chicago Tribune described the scene as it happened. Kass sets the mood for us, saying “Biden began waving his right hand, palm up, and adopting what he must have thought was the accent of a black minister.”

Warning the audience of electing the Romney/Ryan ticket, Joe had this nugget to say:

“Unchain Wall Street,” Biden says. “They’re going to put y’all  back in chains.”


Holy Moses.

Where better to pull out the race card than in one of the most infamous former slave states in the history of our Republic?

Being that this stump-speech was in Virginia, um, “back in chains” could likely conjure up certain dark images. Weren’t Black people slaves?  People who had to walk around in chains against their will at one time in the history of this country?

It sure is amazing how the dialect of pandering politicians can morph when in the presence of a much needed electorate.

Kass writes,Biden isn’t just some hack on the stump. He’s the vice president. And he clearly played the race card and the slavery card. Biden may have been talking to all of his audience when he used the word “y’all,” since both blacks and whites use the term in the South. But the “back in chains” part wasn’t for whites because whites weren’t the ones in chains in Virginia.”

Uhhh, dats a good pernt!

This latest Old Man Biden belch reminded me of a couple similar things that happened to former VP Candidate Sarah Palin while she was campaigning.

In an attempt to somehow link the Gabby Giffords shooting to Palin, the ever-righteous PC media attacked Mrs. Palin for using target symbols on an electoral map to denote where political work needed to be done. The Huffington Post accused her of engaging in “vitriolic political discourse in a manner that may have encouraged the violent flare-up.”

Soon after, the media also pounced on Palin for making statements condemning “journalists and pundits” attempting to “manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn,” adding, “That is reprehensible.”

The media had an orgasm over her use of the term “blood-libel,” as it’s original and out-dated meaning hearkens back to strife in the Middle Ages between Jews and Christians, though it was obvious she did not mean it in that vein.

Well, That was eeeeevil Sarah Palin.

But Old Man Biden saying “Back in chains,” to a room half full of Black people in Virginia?

Oh, come on… That’s just harmless Joe.  It’s just ‘what he does!” And, of course, he didn’t really mean it that way!

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