Stranded Jet Skier Slips Into JFK Airport From Jamaica Bay Unnoticed

Runway image via Shutterstock

Talk about an accidental tourist… ABC reports:

A man whose jet ski failed him in New York’s Jamaica Bay swam to John F. Kennedy airport, where he was easily able to penetrate the airport $100 million, state-of-the art security system.

Daniel Casillo, 31, was able to swim up to and enter the airport grounds on Friday night, past an intricate system of motion sensors and closed-circuit cameras designed to safeguard against terrorists, authorities said.

…Casillo’s night began innocently enough, as he and some friends were racing on jet skis in Jamaica Bay near JFK airport when his watercraft stalled. After calling for and receiving no help, he managed to swim towards the only thing he could see, the runway lights at JFK.

Once he made it to land, Casillo climbed an eight-foot barbed-wire perimeter fence and walked undetected through the airport’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection System and across two runways into Delta’s terminal 3.

Unnoticed until then, Casillo walked into the airport dripping wet and wearing his bright yellow life jacket.

That must have been quite a startling site. Casillo was arrested, though they should probably give him a medal instead for unintentionally pointing out the flaws in JFK’s systems.

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