Sleeping Swimmer Mistaken For Dead Body

This is a story you’ve got to see. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s WNEP reported on what appeared to be a dead body floating in the Susquehanna River near Williamsport. The floating body of Joseph DeAngelo caused onlookers to call the police, fearing they’d spotted a dead body.

Just before noon a body was discovered in the Susquehanna River in the Williamsport area.

Sometimes, things are not quite what they seem, and in this case that is a good thing.

The body was discovered floating face-up in the river just below a spill-dam, an area that has seen drownings before.

Police and the coroner were on scene, fully prepared to investigate a drowning. Sue Hubbard was under that impression, she first spotted the man’s body in shallow water.

“I saw him down there all by myself, second thought was oh my gosh,” said Hubbard.

It was not long, though and the man sat up. He was okay, just floating in the river on a hot summer’s day.

People who witnessed it could not believe it.

DeAngelo said he was just enjoying a peaceful and sleepy float in the river, as he has done many times. It was a dragon-fly landing on his face that awoke him, not the activity on shore.

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