Is Paul Ryan Shirtless Really That Popular?

So claims Google, at least for Saturday.

Well others have called Ryan “dreamy,” but we won’t go there. The lone “shirtless” Paul Ryan photo appears to be this shot of Ryan flexing his P90X ripped guns with P90X creator Tony Horton.

The problem with Google’s analysis might be that the Olympics were still going and there were a lot of people looking for other “ryan shirtless” picture, specifically Ryan Lochte.

For reference,

ryan lochte shirtless generates About 16,500,000 results
paul ryan shirtless generates About 5,110,000 results

I’m guessing that Lochte was responsible for a lot of those searched, but hey I’m not female so I could totally be wrong. Perhaps it’s just natural curiosity by females and gay men to see if there’s anything out there image-wise for Paul Ryan. I mean if Obama can do it

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