Once Again CNN Fans Flames of Racism in Election Coverage

We now know that the Old Media has arrived at a two-pronged attack on Mitt Romney in order to help Barack Obama win a second term. The first is repeating false claims that Romney is a tax evader — thereby playing on his wealth to agitate reg’lr folks — and the second is that old standby “racism.” This week CNN perpetrated the second trick claiming that Obama’s race is “reigniting” America’s racist whites to work against him and his fellow minorites.

During a segment of CNN’s Starting Point with Zoraida Sambolin, that old corpse of Jim Crow-like racism was once again raised like a zombie from the grave. Sambolin speculated that voter ID laws are “reigniting some of these old prejudices” because they are “an effort to suppress the minority vote.”
Host Zoraida Sambolin set the tone of racism for the segment right at the top by introducing the left’s wiled-eyed claims that voter ID laws are just an excuse to suppress minorities.

Sambolin: With America’s first black president up for re-election this November, the conversation about voting rights has been reignited. Thirty states are currently enforcing some form of voter ID law which many civil rights advocates say is an effort to suppress the minority vote.

Later she asked the panel, “Do you think that having an African American president is actually reigniting some of these old prejudices?”

Naturally, CNN’s Sambolin is merely parroting the extreme left’s rhetoric about voter ID laws because as it turns out, as recently as last April, it was found that 70% of Americans agree that voter ID laws are a good idea.

Overall, 70 percent of Americans say voter ID laws are needed to stop illegal voting. That’s far more than the 26 percent who see the laws as a hindrance to legal voting.

An overwhelming 87-percent majority of Republicans say voter ID laws are necessary to ensure only eligible voters participate in elections. Some 74 percent of independents and 52 percent of Democrats agree.

But instead of dealing with facts, CNN plies the left’s agenda-driven narrative to smear good, honest Americans that simply want to see some integrity brought back to our electoral system. There isn’t anything remotely racist about that.

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