Newest Obama Ad So Outrageous Even Lapdog Media Calls it Lies

Obama’s super PAC, Priorities USA Action, put out an ad so vile, so filled with lies that even his usually lapdog media couldn’t stand by and strain credulity to say that the ad was anything other than a lie. Even The New York Times said the ad was dishonest.

The ad, titled Understands,” is so filled with lies that I won’t give Obama’s sycophants the satisfaction of posting it here. If you want to see it, go look it up. But essentially the ad claims that Governor Mitt Romney is guilty of murder by closing a steel company and canceling the workers’ health insurance that, in turn, caused one worker’s wife to die of cancer because she had lost her healthcare.

This vile claim is so absurd, so completely untrue that few Old Media outlets could see their way clear to give Obama the benefit of the doubt.

Most usually left-leaning media outlets had to admit the ad is dishonest. Huffington Post, for one, updated its story to reflect the truth. CNN said the ad was “not accurate.” Politico found itself unable to find the connection between Romney and Soptic’s wife. Even the AP said the claims in the ad are “not backed up factually.”

So what of the lies in the ad?

First of all, Mitt Romney wasn’t running Bain Capital when Bain closed down Kansas City-based GST Steel in 2006. Romney had left Bain seven years earlier in 1999.

Secondly, the company was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy due to constant union agitation before Bain bought the company in the first place. Bain was unable to turn it around, again with union recalcitrance serving as a big reason why, and ended up closing it down.

So, the union member in the ad lost his job seven years after Romney left Bain. It was then he lost his insurance not when Romney worked for Bain.

But, while Mr. Soptic lost his insurance, his wife didn’t lose hers.

In the ad Mr. Soptic says that “my family lost their healthcare.” This is a lie. He also said that his wife died of cancer “a short time” after he was laid off from GST. This is also a lie.

As it happens, even CNN had to report that Soptic’s late wife had insurance for several years after her husband’s steel plant was closed down. She worked for Saver’s Thrift Store but quit the job because of an injury. She lost her own insurance after she left her job. And she passed away five years after the steel plant was closed down.

In other words, the closing of GST Steel did not take away the woman’s healthcare insurance and Romney had precisely nothing to do with it all.

On top of all that, the man running Bain when Mr. Soptic lost his job and insurance, Mr. Jonathan Levine, is a top Obama campaign donation bundler.

In the end, this whole Obama ad is built of lies upon lies and even most media outlets had to admit it.

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