Douchebag Of The Day – Green Global CEO Mike Hoffman

From Parker Leavitt reporting in the The Arizona Republic:

The CEO of a Phoenix-based energy company says he has resigned from his post after “accidentally” offering a Gilbert councilwoman campaign help in exchange for her vote on the company’s proposal to put solar panels on town streetlights.

Four days after the Town Council rejected a contract with Green Global by a 4-3 vote, CEO Mike Hoffman on Monday sent an e-mail asking Councilwoman Jenn Daniels to reconsider.

In exchange, Hoffman offered to “take out full page ads” on Daniels’ behalf, put the company’s logistics division in Gilbert and give her credit for the jobs created. The e-mail was sent to Daniels’ official town account, which is subject to public-records laws and regularly reviewed by The Republic.

“What I want is to help you get elected by allowing you to lead,” Hoffman wrote. “Would be a nice image — Jenn Daniels is then GOOD on the Environment, A Job Creator, Fiscal Leader and a Tax Cutter. … That’s a real conservative.”

Hoffman claims he wrote the e-mail as “keyboard therapy,” but didn’t mean to send it. That’s a really pathetic excuse.

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