Occupy Oakland Trashes Obama Campaign Office

Dear @NYTimes… Time to update your Occupy article I did a take down of yesterday:

They’re Ba-ack!… #Occupy Goons Ransack Obama’s Campaign Office

There is video:

Jim Hoft has the story up on Human Events and his own site, Gateway Pundit. At the bottom of the SF Gate article he cites, there’s this with emphasis added:

Lauren Smith, a 30-year-old activist, said the goal of Friday’s demonstration was to “create a space where people could have their social gatherings without asking permission from the city and the police department.”

She said she was not at the rally but watched it live online. She said she did not agree with vandalizing cars, but that the window-smashing at the campaign office was justified.

People feel betrayed by Obama. … I’m surprised it hasn’t happened before now,” she said. “Oakland is a place where people are really struggling. When the pressure is released just a little bit, you see people go after those things that they see as responsible for the conditions.”

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