Olympic Babe Of The Day – Christine Sonali Merrill

Today’s Olympic Babe Of The Day is Sri Lankan hurdler Christine Sonali Merrill. Merrill is actually from the United States and attended University of California San Diego. She’s a mechanical engineer and a world-class 400 meter hurdler and has exotic good looks – so she’s like a dream girl for nerd. She’s not quite in the same class as the best in the U.S., but she was given a spot on the Sri Lanka team after their other prospective contestants failed to make the minimum qualifying time. The San Diego Union Tribune has the full story of her journey to the Olympics. Merrill blew up the Twitesphere during the opening ceremonies as people raced to figure out who this unknown member of the Sri Lanka delegation was. Now you know.

The women’s 400m hurdles competition begins today.

Note: Ladies do not think we’re leaving you out. Wizbang Pop! is doing the Olympic Hunk Of The Day.

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