Is Harry Reid a serial pederast?

This is shocking news if it’s true, but multiple credible sources may have uncovered evidence Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat, Nevada) is a serial pederast whose history of abusing young boys stretches back decades and has affected innocent children in both Nevada and Washington D.C.

As we witnessed with Penn State University and Jerry Sandusky, these kinds of deviant, illicit acts are often ignored and covered up for years by people in authority.  Shamelessly, institutional leaders set aside their professional and moral responsibility to stop the manipulation and abuse of trusting young men when it means avoiding controversy and retaining authority.  We can only assume that Harry Reid’s decades of allegedly sexually abusing teens occurred under the full knowledge of people at the highest levels of Democratic Party leadership – perhaps even President Obama himself.

Why aren’t President Obama and other prominent Democrats responding to allegations Harry Reid sexually abused children under their full knowledge?  Why is President Obama covering up allegations Harry Reid sexually abused young boys for decades?

How many young boys must Harry Reid abuse sexually before Democrats set aside their lust for power and protect children?  And where is the media?  A prominent, powerful politician may have been abusing young boys for years and they’re not even curious?

It’s time for Harry Reid to respond to allegations Harry Reid has sexually abused young boys for over three decades.

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