White Hispanic Ted Cruz wins Republican Senate primary run-off in Texas

I just flew into Washington and boy are my arms tired

Ladies and gentlemen, meet your next Senator from Texas and budding conservative superstar – Ted Cruz.  Cruz beat Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination where he will now crush his Democrat opponent in the general election.  I voted for him twice.  Once back in the Presidential primary and once again today.  This ain’t Chicago.

Ted is a white Hispanic, his parents having fled Cuba.  Imagine!  Fleeing a communist paradise to live with discrimination and no free health care in Texas.  They don’t come any whiter than that.

All kidding aside, Ted is rock solid and a rock star.  He made up 35 points in the polls over the past two or three months and will be a steady conservative voice in Washington.  Congratulations, now make me proud.

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