Obama’s Campaign Most Cynical in Recent Memory

Obama is running probably the most cynical campaign in recent memory. At Obama’s hands, Romney is suffering the worst treatment a presidential candidate has gotten from an opponent since Gov. Al Smith was ripped to pieces by anti-Catholic operatives in 1928 giving Herbert Hoover an easy White House win. Obama and his surrogates are simply throwing one provably false claim after another at Romney in the hopes that uninformed people will not know the difference.

Take former White House spokesman Ben LaBolt, for instance. Recently he threw out the claim that Romney is the “most secretive candidate we’ve seen since Richard Nixon” (See video HERE). This claim is simply untrue. In truth, the most secretive candidate in American history is Barack Obama.

When Obama ran for the White House in 2008 much of his life was a complete unknown to us. That hasn’t changed. For one thing, we have none of his records when he was a student at Columbia. Also few people from his past have come forward with their reminiscences of him — causing doubt that even what we think we know of him is questionable. In fact, much of Obama’s life that the Old Media thinks it knows all about is simply taken verbatim from the President’s own autobiography, stories that are hard to verify. Then again, some of the stories in his book are being systematically disproven.

So, what do we really know about Obama? Not much as it turns out. Worse, Obama is not very interested in telling us about any of it, either. He’s stonewalled any attempts to dig into his past, refusing to release all kinds of documents about his life.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is a veritable open book by comparison.

Another lie that Obama has recently thrown out there in the hopes that it will stick is the accusation that Romney is a “felon” for his post Bain Capital career. This lie is based on a willful ignorance of securities law. Even some Obama supporters are cringing at this lie.

Speaking of Bain, there was the lie that Romney was involved in outsourcing at Bain. This is also another one that even FactCeck.org debunked.

Obama and his surrogates are also pushing the claim that Obama is suddenly the underdog in fundraising saying that Romney is out raising him. This false claim has served as the basis for “emergency” fundraising letters from the Democrats and has served as fodder for TV newsers everywhere. But this claim that Romney is out raising Obama is a provable lie.

Obama has also been using his stimulus policies to show that he’s somehow fixed America. One of the lies on this subject from only a few months ago was Obama’s claim that his stimulus money went to repair bridges across the Ohio River. The fact is, not a single penny of his so-called stimulus went to a single bridge over the Ohio. Obama has ladled out this lie several times to fool people into thinking his stimulus actually did anyone (but unions) any good.

The “not a tax” deal? Of course, we all know President Obama went to great pains to tell the American people that Obamacare is not a tax. But even the Supreme Court of the United States called him on that lie.

Then there is Obama’s claim that he’s cut taxes. Even the Washington Post, a left-wing newspaper, said Obama was lying on that one.

Obama’s ads, too, are nothing but one lie-filled extravaganza after another. One ad, for instance, claims that Mitt Romney would support a bill to ban abortions even in the case of incest, rape and the life of the mother. But this is an outright lie.

Even the left leaning “truth” detectoring site Politifact says that the Obama ad is a “pants on fire” lie. Politifact notes that Romney has quite specifically said that he’d support the exemptions from any abortion law that would allow rape victims and the like have access to abortions. Further, they site notes Romney has said this for some time. And yet, even after being thoroughly proven a lie the Obama campaign is running its lie-filled ad anyway.

There are many, many more of course, but these will serve to show a pattern of how Obama and his campaign are engaged in the most cynical campaign in recent American history. In each and every case of the above lies, Obama knows the truth. He simply doesn’t care what the truth is. He and his campaign imagine that if they throw enough lies at the American public, some or many will stick quite regardless of whether they are true or not.

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