DEA Commandeers Small Company’s Truck To Haul Drugs And Conduct Stings

Here’s the latest from the administration that brought you Operation Fast and Furious – they nearly destroyed a small Texas trucking company by using their semi and employee to haul drugs and conduct drug busts, without the owners consent. From The Houston Chronicle:

The phone rang before sunrise. It woke Craig Patty, owner of a tiny North Texas trucking company, to vexing news about Truck 793 – a big red semi supposedly getting repairs in Houston.

“Your driver was shot in your truck,” said the caller, a business colleague. “Your truck was loaded with marijuana. He was shot eight times while sitting in the cab. Do you know anything about your driver hauling marijuana?”

“What did you say?” Patty recalled asking. “Could you please repeat that?”

The truck, it turned out, had been everywhere but in the repair shop.

Commandeered by one of his drivers, who was secretly working with federal agents, the truck had been hauling marijuana from the border as part of an undercover operation. And without Patty’s knowledge, the Drug Enforcement Administration was paying his driver, Lawrence Chapa, to use the truck to bust traffickers.

Since, according to President Obama, Craig Patty “didn’t build that” he really shouldn’t be surprised that government agents apparently had no qualms about appropriating private property to conduct their drug busts. That bit about the truck being totally shot up? Someone else’s problem.

In what universe would a DEA agent think that this arrangement was alright? The DEA needs to pay back Mr. Patty and whoever authorized this arrangement need to fired.

Rep. Darrell Issa needs to investigate this.

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