The First Black President Calls On The Other First Black President To Make You Forget What A Crappy President He Is…

President Barack Obama talks with former President Bill Clinton backstage at the New Amsterdam Theater in New York, N.Y., June 4, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Or something to that effect…

WASHINGTON — Former President Bill Clinton is set to play a central part in the Democratic convention, aides said, and will formally place President Obama’s name into nomination by delivering a prime-time speech designed to present a forceful economic argument for why Mr. Obama deserves to win a second term.

The prominent role of Mr. Clinton, which is scheduled to be announced on Monday, signals an effort by the Obama campaign to pull out all the stops to rally Democrats when they gather for their party’s national convention in Charlotte, N.C. An even more important audience will be the voters across the country who will see the address carried by television networks.

…For Mr. Clinton, who has become one of the most popular figures in the Democratic Party, the speech will be among the most high-profile roles yet that he has assumed for Mr. Obama. The address is intended to offer a strong contrast with the Republican ticket and will be closely watched, particularly given a string of blunt statements — and retractions — that Mr. Clinton has made this year when talking about the Obama administration.

Obama needs all the help he can get, so it’s only natural that he tap into a popular Democrat. If I was slick Willy I’d hold Obama up for something in return. Obama took Hilary off his hands for four years, but she’s leaving State Dept. and will be returning home. That’s probably a problem Bill wants solved, as she’ll seriously cramp his style.

Also, who knew our caption contest photo would come in so handy this morning?

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