Here’s The New Mitt Romney “Scandal” You’re Supposed To Care About

Image via Mary Noble (Topix)

Mitt Romney’s Twitter account all of a sudden has a bunch of new followers, most of them “bots.” Really that’s supposed to be scandalous, indicative of Romney buying Twitter followers. From US News & World Report:

…These accounts were one of thousands to follow Romney over the weekend, when the candidate gained Twitter followers in two giant waves at a faster rate than he ever had before. This change was noticed by Zach Green of, which tracks Twitter trends surrounding the 2012 presidential election.

Green reported that after Romney’s account gained only 3-4,000 new followers per day over the past month, it quite suddenly picked up 23,926 new followers on Friday, 93,054 on Saturday and 25,432 on Sunday.

Romney’s account wasn’t getting an equivalent increase in mentions, however, suggesting the Twitter followers were not coming in organically.

Of course, it’s all so lame and obvious that it smacks of internet hijinks. Topix notes:

The fact that a large number of Romney’s new followers are most certainly bots doesn’t mean that his campaign organized them. Far from it: some people are speculating that the whole operation is so ham-handed that it must be the work of an opponent out to discredit Romney. Romney’s campaign has denied buying the followers and asked Twitter to investigate.

Again, the left desperately wants you to care about this, so you can safely ignore it…

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