Florida Puppeteer Ronald Brown Planned To Kidnap, Torture, Then Eat Children

From Largo, Florida comes this shocking story. WTSP reports:

A 57-year-old local puppeteer [Ronald Wilson Brown] from Largo is accused of planning to kidnap children — specifically toddlers — torture them, rape them, murder them, then cook their body parts on a stove, according to federal documents.

…Brown started his puppeteer company in 1992, Puppet Plus. On Facebook, Brown brags about performing in schools and malls, even for the Tampa Bay Rays.

…But it’s what he’s allegedly doing online that has federal agents interested. Brown and another man were chatting, detectives say, about kidnapping kids and eating them, even going so far as to describe, in detail, what the men wanted to do with the body parts.

The charging document details the trove of chat logs and extreme child porn they found on his computers. You can read it here, but be warned it’s very graphic.

Could this story get any creepier? Sure it can. Here’s Brown (who works for the Christian Television Network) using if his puppet to warn kids about viewing dirty pictures.

The image at the top of the story is via his Facebook account. He’s been involved with kids for a long time, at the time of his arrest he was mentoring one – whatever that means. I suspect that anyone who fantasizes about sexually abusing and eating little kids has probably acted out at least some of those fantasies. Hopefully Brown will spend the rest of his days in a prison cell…

Now can we call them anti-Christian?
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