The Stuff We Missed – Weekend Edition (7/28/2012)

Here’s what we forgot to post about this week. Enjoy!

Real Housewives Of Orange County star Alexis Bellino doesn’t like to be called Jesus Jugs” – [Socialite Life] – She’ll sue you if you call her that, so don’t please…

Katie Couric invited Sarah Palin To Appear on her new talk show – [Deadline] – Well that would be interesting, if unlikely.

Is Global Warming hypist going to sue Mark Steyn? [Pundit & Pundette] – Would Mann really want to go under oath on anything?

Barack Obama singing British boy band One Direction’s hit “What Makes You Beautiful” [barackdubs] – Not as good as Sexy And I Know It.

More interesting weekend links [Maggies Farm] – Go check them out…

If you have other items of interest that we missed please share in the comments.

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