The Olympics Opening Ceremony Was Oh-So British

If you missed the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremonies you missed what one UK writer described as, “Brilliant, breathtaking, bonkers and utterly British”

It was, in the hands of Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle [Slumdog Millionaire], a pop culture heavy Hollywood-style extravaganza.

Here’s a little of what you missed

  • A great popular music soundtrack for the whole 3 hours
  • Millions of dollars in flash and in stadium CGI and LED’s
  • Tributes to the industrial revolution, British National Health Service (socialized medicine). and the web
  • 10,000 volunteers (including real NHS doctors and nurses – might be a crappy night to have a heart attack or stroke, heh?)
  • A modern love story filled with texting and Twitter
  • Occasional dashes of homosexuality (you saw those, right?)
  • Lot’s of multi-culturalism, in fact there was lots of mult-everything-ism
  • Daniel Craig (as James Bond), David Beckham, every British band (really like all of them including the Sex Pistols), Mr. Bean, the Queen skydiving
  • Did I mention the music – eclectic and entertaining with great British tunes from the 1960’s to today.

In short it was everything I expected from a Hollywood director, both good and bad. You can quibble about the peons to the NHS and the web, but it was all done lavishly and entertainingly, which makes it just like any other summer blockbuster – mindless and fun.

Update: Everyone in America missed the tribute to the 7/7 London Subway bombings. We got to see Ryan Seacrest interview Michael Phelps for no apparent reason.

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