YouTube Daredevil Surrenders To Police

Via On Demand comes news from The Times Colonist that the guy who posted a video of himself going 186-mph (299km/h) on a Canadian highway in April has been apprehended.

Randy Scott, the man charged with dangerous driving in connection with a high-speed motorcycle ride documented on YouTube, has turned himself in.

Police have been searching for the driver of a Yamaha sport bike since early April, when a video camera mounted on the bike documented the rider weaving in and out of traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway at up to 299 km/h. Scott, 25, who was charged July 10, turned himself in to Kelowna police Tuesday just after 7 p.m.

Investigators decided “to turn up the heat,” Saanich Police Sgt. Dean Jantzen said Wednesday. Local police contacted family, friends and other community members to try to reach Scott. They also worked with police from the Lower Mainland and as far as Edmonton, where Scott had an address on record, Jantzen said.

Scott is lucky to be alive. One lane change by one of the cars he slipstreamed past would have made him roadkill. Here’s the now famous YouTube video:

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