Gay rights organizations call for “kiss-in” at local mosques

From CBS News:

Gay rights group Equality Illinois is asking gay and lesbian couples to go to their local mosque next Friday for a “kiss-in” campaign, which the group is promoting along with other gay rights organizations nationwide, reports CBS affiliate WBBM in Chicago.

I may have changed Chick-Fil-A restaurant to mosque but you get the point.  What’s the word for when a person at no risk of physical harm does something no one cares about in an attempt to draw attention to one’s utter intolerance of others’ beliefs?  It’s the opposite of courage.  Because same sex couples making out in the middle of a family restaurant – because the owner disagrees with them about the word “marriage” and its application to the legal rights same sex couples share vis-a-vis a traditional couple – is the greatest display of the opposite of courage the world may ever see.

This is why slippery slope arguments gain traction.  Camel’s nose under the tent.  I don’t know anybody who has anything against gays.  I don’t know anyone who really gives gays much thought at all.  Last time I checked Americans are about the most tolerant people on Earth.  Are there pockets of America that want to deny any protected class the same basic rights every other American enjoys?

Rights are a two-way street, though.  If the religious are willing to accept gay people living together in a civil union why aren’t gay people willing to accept religious faith doesn’t allow the use of the word “marriage” to describe the arrangement?  I wish gays well in the acrimonious divorces and bitter custody battles they’ll experience.  And the good times, too.  You want the insanity and anxiety of kids?  That’s great.

When folks come over I’m not going to be able to refer to you as the gay married couple next door, though.  You’ll be referred to as the couple next door.  Just like the other couples on the block.  If you find that offensive it’s your problem, not mine.

But if provocative is what you want have your kiss-in at your local mosque.  Ask them to marry you while you’re there.  I mean no disrespect to Islam, but when you look around the globe Islam tends to be rather unfriendly when it comes to homosexuals.  A same sex kiss-in would in all probability get you a death sentence in Iran.  There are no doubt Christians here in the good old USA who feel the same way.  It’s sad.  Some people are just so intolerant any disagreement with their beliefs makes them angry enough to wish harm on the transgressor.

Could you imagine?  Targeting a person because they don’t follow your beliefs?  What kind of monster would do that?

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