Columnist: Pro-Romney Ad “It’s OK To Make A Change” Could Really Hurt Obama

Why is the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart worried about this ad from the Republican National Committee?

He’s worried because, in his opinion, it’s the most effective anti-Obama ad yet.

No, what bothers me is that last line spoken by the narrator as we see a black-and-white still image of a downward looking Obama.

He tried. You tried. It’s OK to make a change.

Millions of Americans were swept up in the drama of the 2008 presidential contest and were proud to cast a ballot that helped elect the first African American president of the United States. Doing so was and will remain one of our nation’s crowning achievements. But there’s no denying that many of those same millions have soured on Obama because of what they believe he hasn’t been able to achieve. Yet, they are conflicted.

Poll after poll, including the just-released Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll, shows that while Obama gets low marks for his fiscal stewardship, people like him personally. And much more than Romney. The WSJ-NBC survey puts Obama’s favorable-unfavorable at 49 percent-43 percent and Romney’s at 35 percent-49 percent.

By telling potential voters “It’s OK to make a change,” the RNC is acknowledging all that I mention above. It’s OK to like the guy personally but not vote for him again. This is not a popularity contest. It’s OK to vote against the black guy. You gave him a shot. He gave it his best shot. He failed. And the most effective message is: “It’s OK to make a change” — and not be thought of as a racist.

Throughout Obama’s presidency, I’ve received more than a few e-mails and tweets from folks complaining that they are branded racist if they disagree with anything the president says or does. And it doesn’t help matters that I have seen more than a few e-mails and tweets from ardent Obama supporters doing exactly that. I have also seen instances of this on television and in print.

That’s why the “It’s OK to make a change” ad is the most dangerous for Obama’s reelection efforts. It give those few, yet crucial, undecided voters the pass they might be looking for to vote against Obama.

Reminding voters that the “hope and change” they voted for turned out to be a disaster is a great strategy. Like the guy all you want, just don’t vote for him again…

H/T – Ann Althouse

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