The Stuff We Missed – Weekend Edition (7/21/2012)

Here’s what we forgot to post about this week. Enjoy!

Good news, the Total Recall remake has a three breasted hooker. [Starpulse] – Her name is Kaitlyn Leeb. It would have been an epic fail without her. She’s also much better looking than the original. She’s also burning up the interwebs, though she’s still no match for Michelle Jenneke.

Youth Tries to Seize Olympic Torch While Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ [The Blaze] – Hey, he didn’t blow anyone up, so that qualifies him as a “moderate.”

Samuel L. Jackson Says He Wants Obama to Act Like a N*gger [Your Black World] – Wasn’t that the plot to an awful Chris Rock movie?

Woman: Store employee copied, kept racy phone photos [WTOP] – Sophia Ellison learned a hard lesson – take your racy pictures off your iPhone before you have the Geek Squad service it.

Conservative Bloggers Select The Most Popular And Unpopular People On The Right (2012 Edition) [Right Wing News] – Winner: Clarence Thomas, Loser: Megan McCain.

Mr. Wizard’s a Dick [Althouse] – 25 years of dealing with snot nosed little kids and you’d be a dick too…

If you have other items of interest that we missed please share in the comments.

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