I want my MTv!

Now here’s a kerfuffle about which I know basically nothing and won’t be spending time to learn anything but shall comment anyway.  “What else is new,” you say, “just like every single item on every right wing blog.”  Ha!  Well I’ve been around since the days MTv played music videos all day every day.

I’ve been too busy to stop by the shop and get the damn CD player reinstalled in my hooptie so as I’m driving home from the office this sweltering evening I’m stuck channel surfing the radio to find some decent driving tunes.  Unsuccessfully, although I was fortunate enough to hear thrice an ad telling DirectTV subscribers to switch providers so you can keep watching your favorite shows.  Which you apparently can’t because DirectTV dropped a bunch of channels.  I specifically remember Comedy Central because they used a Cartman drop.

I shouldn’t say totally unsuccessful in finding driving tunes.  If  you’re in Dallas check out 91.7 KXT.  It’s a public station that isn’t too preachy and freaking rocks.  No commercials either.  Imma drop ’em a C-note next pledge drive.

This happens periodically, maybe a lot.  Media watching isn’t my thing and I’m aware of it happening with the NFL Network and some provider.  Maybe Fios?  I have Fios and like it.  I tend to watch NASCAR more than the NFL when they’re on at the same time, so no sweat off my arse if they drop NFL Network.  Either way, when these contract negotiations do blow up and channels get dropped they do a good job of demonizing the provider in question.  It makes news and there’s usually an ad blitz that goes with it.

As I’m typing those words it occurs that it’s an apt metaphor in 2012.  Your current provider has dropped the economy, fiscal sanity, rule of law, and decorum.  I don’t know much about the other provider and they’re all cut from the same cloth but I’m not ready to stop watching the economy.  I’m switching.

It won’t be long before DirectTV and the channels they cut triumphantly announce a new agreement to bring your favorite shows back.  I would assume DirectTV gives them a pretty good kick in the balls for buying ads telling people to switch.  Surely they have a message ready for subscribers who call.  “We apologize, we’re just trying to negotiate a reasonable contract so we don’t have to raise your rates, we hope they’ll be back on the air soon.  We recommend you contact your favorite channel and ask them why they are being so unreasonable when they make all that money running all those commercials during your favorite shows.  So many commercials…”  Fight fire with fire and then bust their chops when it’s time to hammer out a contract.

The wayward channels are squawking loudly, so you know it’s killing them.  Let ’em rot.  As long as they don’t mess with Speed Channel I got no worries.

Update (Kevin) – DirecTV and Viacom announced an agreement to restore the channels this morning.

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