Hero Catches Autistic Girl Falling Out Third Floor Window

The New York Post has the feel good story of the day.

7-year-old Brooklyn girl is miraculously alive and well today after plummeting three stories — thanks to a heroic neighbor who raced into action and broke her fall.

Cops said little Keyla McCree pushed out one of the accordion pieces that was holding a brand- new air conditioner in a bedroom window of her Coney Island apartment and squeezed through the tiny opening before she fell off.

“She’s fine,” said the autistic girl’s mom, Shaleema McCree

Dramatic cellphone video of Steven St. Bernard’s dramatic rescue shows a shoe-string catch that would make the Giants’ Victor Cruz proud.

St. Bernard, who lives in the same apartment complex, was on his way home from work and was parking his car when several children ran over to him begging him for help.

The bus driver, still in his blue MTA uniform, rushed over in the nick of time.

That’s a really nice catch. One of the New York football teams should do something nice for this guy…

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