The Stuff We Missed – Weekend Edition

Here’s what we forgot to post about this week. Enjoy!

Anthony Weiner is back on Facebook. [BuzzFeed] – Kind of like returning to the scene of the crime…

Senate Dems introducing the “Team USA Made in America Act of 2012.” Seriously. [Hot Air] – Having failed to pass a budget in this decade, the Senate takes up the real important business of the day – crappy Olympics uniforms.

Obama Staffer Collapses and Dies [Weekly Standard] – Really sad news for the family of Alex Okrent, and his co-workers on the Obama campaign.

The real action in London will be at the Olympic Village [ESPN] – Turns out the Olympic Village is pretty much a spring break filled with booze and one night stands for the world’s greatest athletes.

Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ [Wizbang] – It’s your last chance to get an entry in this week’s contest. Winners are announced Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Legally blind contestant stops short of Miss Florida USA title [CNN] – Our new favorite pageant contestant Connor Boss finished in the top 5, but didn’t win. The judges must have been blind too…

If you have other items of interest that we missed please share in the comments.

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