Singer Apologizes For Not Butchering The National Anthem

I’ll admit that I missed most of Tuesday’s All Star Game. I actually caught the first inning, which in this case was all you needed to see. Because I didn’t really watch the game I had no idea that there was (and is) some controversy about the performance of the national anthem by country singer Luke Bryan.

What’s the controversy?

It appears Bryan wrote a couple of key phrases from the song on his hand and can be seen ever so slightly glancing at said notes twice during the performance. Here’s the performance.

If you’re like the millions of normal viewers of the event you probably didn’t even notice. Twitter, on the other hand, it the type place where the hyper-critical can hangout and mock realtime. Not surprisingly it’s where this all went down. ABC has some of the reactions:

Bryan received major criticism for writing the words to the song on his hand and was even called “unpatriotic” by some offended by the event.

“Luke Bryan’s version of the national anthem @ the All-Star game last night was an epic fail. He needs to learn respect & remember the lyrics!” one person tweeted.

It got nasty enough that the singer had to explain.

The Twittiots criticizing Bryan owe him an apology. The man took his gig seriously enough to make sure he didn’t screw up, and delivered the goods. What more could you ask for?

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