Fmr Media Matters Hack Says Romney Too White for Black Voters

Now we have to ask, who is using the race card in this presidential campaign again? Is it Republicans? Is it Governor Romney? Nope. You got it, it’s the left as we see again with the efforts of a former operative of Soros-funded Media Matters and some of his Old Media pals who have created a video saying that Mitt Romney is too white to appeal to black voters. So much for that new tone, eh?

Just in time to diss Romney before he speaks to a gathering of the NAACP, a liberal advocacy group made up of four long-time left-wing media operatives is attempting to turn blacks against Romney apparently because being white somehow makes it impossible for them to vote for him.

Set up as a faux meeting of Romney’s advisers, the video goes on to bash Mormonism, to claim that Republicans want to disenfranchise blacks and young voters, and that Republicans are perpetrating racism against Obama, not to mention holding birtherism against the Massachusetts Governor despite that Romney has never agreed with the birth certificate questions.

The video begins with a faux advisor who is presented as the guy that created the Willie Horton ads in 1988 for George H.W. Bush. This character tries to advise the Governor how to talk to the NAACP. Eventually he ends up saying that Romney is so white that he “makes Wonder Bread look like pumpernickel.”

“Let me be clear about something, this is not about the blacks. Now Governor you are a very nice man, you are a very nice white man. You are so white, you are extremely white. You make Wonder Bread look like pumpernickel,” the pretend Romney advisor says.

The fake adviser then goes on to encourage Romney to “go on out there and get all Mormon, Martin Luther King on them, you’re going to be great.”

The “satirical” video ends with a young black man coming into the room, the fake Romney advisors looking scared of him, and a hand presumable belonging to the Governor waves hello in a hesitant manner, all in the room obviously uncomfortable with an up-close-and-personal meeting with a live black man.

Yeah. So hilarious.

The whole video employs every white-guys-fear-blacks stereotype you can think of.

Yep, there’s that new tone Obama and his supporters said we’d get back in 2008.

The left-wing, Old Media operatives that created this video are music publisher Cliff Chenfeld, former Media Matters president Eric Burns, former AOL chief Michael Wolfson, and a former New York Times “journalist” named Andrew Zipern.

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