French Looking Official U.S Olympic Team Uniforms Made In China

The Ralph Lauren designed U.S. Olympic Team uniforms don’t carry the “Made In America” label. ABC reports:

They are the pride of America — Team U.S.A. — and for the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in London, they’ll be proudly wearing red, white and blue, from beret to blazer.

The classic American style — shown in an image above — was crafted by designer Ralph Lauren. But just how American is it?

When ABC News looked at the labels, it found “made in China.”

Every item in the uniforms that the U.S. athletes will be wearing at the opening ceremony in London will carry an overseas label.

Apparently this is some sort of big surprise. Anyone who has bought clothes in the last decade or so sure wouldn’t be surprised, since pretty much all clothes are made or assembled overseas. If the U.S. Olympic Committee wanted American made outfits they certainly could have demanded it, so it’s not Ralph Lauren’s fault that the made the uniforms where they make all their other clothes.

Here are bigger images of the two official Team USA outfits.

The beret is a little French for my taste, but that preppy get up sure doesn’t look like it wold go very well with a cowboy hat.

Update: Fred Bauer claims that US made equivalents would cost $500 less.

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