Drudge Hypes “Condi” For Romney VP Slot, Blogoshpere Not Buying It

Last week we gave you a rundown of potential female Vice Presidential candidates that Mitt Romney might be considering. Tonight Matt Drudge went just a little short of the sirens to hype Condoleezza Rice as one of the short list candidates.

Interesting, but the “scoop” has largely been poo-poo’ed in the blogosphere.

Someone Has To Post It…Drudge: Condi Rice Leading Choice To Be Mitt’s VP [Ace of Spades] – Gives three reasons not to believe the story

Drudge: Condi Rice near the top of Romney’s VP shortlist? [Hot Air] – The real deal or a red herring? Coming down more toward the later.

Despite The Drudge “Scoop,” Condi Rice Is Not Going To Be Romney’s Running Mate [Outside The Beltway] – The title says it all.

Condi Rice for Veep? Bull Shiitake Mushrooms [Red State] – The title “really” says it all…

DRUDGE Scoop: Romney Narrows Down VP Choice, Condoleezza Rice Emerges As Frontrunner – [Weasel Zippers] – Over 100 comments, most bemoaning the prospect.

Drudge’s Terrible Record of VP Speculation [The American Spectator] – Speaks for itself.

Robert Costa from NRO says the Romney camp is denying.

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