Occupy Wall Street Had A Murderer In Their Midst

Something useful may come of the Occupy Wall Street silliness, a murderer may have slipped up and given themself away. NBC 4 New York reports:

Officials have linked forensic evidence from the 2004 murder scene of a 21-year-old Juilliard student to the scene of a recent Occupy Wall Street subway protest, NBC 4 New York has learned.

DNA evidence from the scene of Sarah Fox’s murder in Inwood Hill Park eight years ago has been newly connected to DNA collected at the scene of an Occupy Wall Street subway station vandalism in March, NBC 4 New York first reported Tuesday.

Fox was found nude and strangled in the park in May 2004, days after she disappeared during a daytime jog. Investigators recovered her pink CD player in the woods just yards from her body.

Sources said Tuesday the DNA found on the CD player matches DNA found on a chain left by Occupy Wall Street protesters at the Beverly Road subway station in East Flatbush on March 28, 2012.

Here’s hoping the police catch this #OWS thug and give them #OccupyElectricChair.

Update: Well that didn’t last long. It now appears that the lab sample was contaminated. More at The New York Times.

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