Mitt Romney Addresses NAACP; Booed And Given Standing Ovation

Well that’s kind of a schizophrenic headline, but how you perceive Mitt Romney’s address to the NAACP will probably be shaped by what you read about it.

Newsbusters notes that there were a smattering of boos in two particular spots, and points to a live blog from The Guardian that sums up the speech like this:

11.05am: Other than those two episodes, Mitt Romney has been received politely by the NAACP audience, with plenty of applause at the appropriate places.

There was even a standing ovation as he finished. No one thinks that Romney is going to make serious inroads in the black vote, he’s just out showing that he’s a real candidate not afraid to take the battle to the President in areas or with groups that don’t support him.

The Campaign Spot has the full text of the speech, minus the booing…

Update: You can watch the whole speech below and form your own opinion.

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