Relax Internet, Coca-Cola Isn’t Being Sold In Bags

If you saw this story earlier this week:

Sacrilege: Coca-Cola Will Soon Be Sold In Bottle-Shaped Eco-Friendly Plastic Bags [Gizmodo]

And the embedded video:

It turns out that it was a hoax. Coca-Cola has issued the following statement.

Currently, there is no presentation of Coca-Cola in plastic bags in any country of Central America (“Coca-Cola Bag”). Recently, a video was circulated on different social networks, which suggests the existence of this presentation in the market. In this regard, it is necessary to clarify that The Coca-Cola Company is not the author of the video and is not responsible for its dissemination. The Company currently distributes Coca-Cola in Central America countries in cans, plastic PET and glass.

Via Inhabitat

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