Reality Breastfeeding Show On Tap

Fresh off the scandal of the Time magazine cover story on mom’s who breastfeed children well past the age we most other kids stop breastfeeding, comes news that someone is planning a reality TV show about said breastfeaders. From The New York Post:

Breastfeeding’s big kids are coming out of the closet.

Collins Avenue, the production company behind “Dance Moms” and “American Stuffers,” is developing a reality series based on mothers who breastfeed older children — prompting local moms to speak up about the subject.

“I didn’t set out to nurse a 3-year-old,” said Jessica Cary of Park Slope, whose daughter Olive continues to breastfeed. “But two years came and went. Now breastfeeding and mothering are so intertwined for me.”

The only real surprise is that it there wasn’t already a show…

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