Obama Will Pay For Your Healthcare, But Not Your Utility Bills

You’ve got to hand it to criminals, they know how to tap into the zeitgeist of a populace and use that against them. Via Lucianne comes this South Bend Tribune article:

OSCEOLA — It’s a new scam, said the Better Business Bureau. President Barack Obama is not offering to pay your utility bills.

In the scam, which recently hit Michiana, consumers are being contacted in person and through fliers, social media and text messages with claims that Obama is providing credits or applying payments to utility bills.

People are then asked to provide their Social Security and bank routing numbers in order to receive the money. In exchange, they are given a phony bank routing number that they are told will pay their utility bills.

The first thing I thought of was Peggy Joseph, who in 2008 was sure a Barack Obama presidency would take care of her mortgage and bills.

I predict this scam will succeed beyond the criminals wildest expectations…

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