Is Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr In Rehab?

It sure sounds like it, though that’s not what they’re calling it. They’re not actually calling it anything, which makes it all the more suspicious.

CHICAGO, July 5 (Reuters) – U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., who disclosed recently that he has been on medical leave since early June with an unspecified condition, is grappling with “physical and emotional ailments” that require in-patient treatment, his office said on Thursday.

In a statement, Jackson’s press secretary Frank Watkins said the 47-year-old congressman’s condition was “more serious than we thought and initially believed” and would require “extended in-patient treatment as well as continuing medical treatment thereafter.”

The statement did not specify the medical problem.

Jackson is up for re-election in November and under investigation for involvement in the scheme to sell President Obama’s old Senate seat. Given that he’s alive and not currently in prison he’ll probably win in a landslide, even if he’s still in rehab.

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