Law Enforcement Shines In Power Outage

One of the things I noticed during this weeks massive power outage in the mid-Atlantic states was that while those of us without power undoubtedly suffered the effects of the 100+ daily heat with no air conditioning, the area police departments really stepped up and made sure that traffic ran smoothly at thousands of intersections where traffic lights were out. These public servants stood all day in blistering heat directing traffic in the uniforms. Think about the dehydrating and exposure effects of that for a minute.

Those of us without power found refuge in our cars and filled the roads. Those roads were made safe and passable due to these fine officers. I observed hundreds of separate officers and uniformly they were pleasant and helpful in spite of the insufferable conditions.

There are still thousands of these local law enforcement officers pulling extended shifts, as tens of thousands of traffic lights are still out of service. The mid-Atlantic area owes them all a tremendous debt of gratitude for protecting and serving.

While the pace of service restoration is insufferably slow, these folks have kept use safe in our vehicles and prevented mass traffic jams, which would have only made an already bad situation worse. If you’re in an area affected by blackouts, and can do so safely, you really should make a point of saying a quick word of thanks to these officers.

Happy Independence Day!
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