Obamacare reigns Supreme

Just look at yourselves. You thought it would be easy. You figured the Supreme Court would do your dirty work.  Oh, boo hoo, John Roberts betrayed us!  Thank you, yet again, George W. Bush.  Obamacare is clearly unconstitutional and Roberts screwed us.

Pussies.  You know what’s unconstitutional?  What five justices say is unconstitutional.  You know what conservatives pinning their hopes on the SCOTUS is?  Delusional.  How did you let yourself fall into that trap?  There are four guaranteed votes for more expansive and powerful government every single case.  If a monolithic voting bloc exists it’s on the left side of the chamber.  All they’ve got to do is peel one of the other five (two?  Kennedy and Roberts?).

Oh sure, a left-leaning justice will occassionally have no choice but to follow precedent or accept at face value a plainly written law.  But if there’s any ambiguity and the argument boils down to whether or not government’s power is limited they will vote for unlimited power every time.

On the big cases, the ones that really matter, the SCOTUS leans conservatives maybe, what, 30% of the time?  Surely someone’s compiled statistics on that.  It seems like 10%.  I rarely find myself satisfied with SCOTUS decisions.  The general consensus always seems to be, “Meh, the government can pretty much do what it wants.”

Yet all these conservative Carries ignored history and precedent, dolled themselves up and went to the prom anyway.  Did you have fun at the dance, dear?  Oooh!  President Obama is so scared of your psychic gym conflagration powers!  Look!  He’s hardly even spiking the ball at all.

Obamacare reigns Supreme.  There will be no easy solution, you will not hit the SCOTUS Powerball on constitutional limits to government power.  If you don’t like it you’re going to have to work to get it repealed.  And if you want to change the culture that sees no constitutional limit to government power you’re going to have to work hard for a long time.

I don’t know, hard work is hard.  We should probably just buy more lottery tickets during the next court session.

Not a Tax - Sure
In other news, Attorney General Holder held in Contempt of Congress