Fast and Furious –

Katie Pavlich wrote the book, literally, on Fast & Furious. If you are not spitting mad by the end of this, you have a screw loose. The plan was to sell the guns through straw purchasers, and then follow them. Except they forgot the “follow them” part. No Fortune Magazine article can dispute the incompetence shown here.

Listen to her interview on Afterwords here:

The contributing editor of Townhall Magazine explores the controversial gun supply operation, initially run by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, that’s currently under congressional investigation. She discusses her findings with National Journal’s White House correspondent Major Garrett.

About the Authors
Katie Pavlich
Ms. Pavlich is a reporter and news editor for and a contributing editor to Townhall Magazine. She is a frequent commentator on Fox News and MSNBC. This is her first book.

You can download it directly from the C-SPAN site here.

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Here is Katie with Andrew:

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