VIDEO: Obama’s ‘Bullying Czar,’ A Hater Extraordinaire

The man’s name is Dan Savage and he’s supposed to be leading President Obama’s anti-bullying, pro-tolerance effort. Yet, at an April High School rally in California from the podium, Savage, a homosexual, started calling Christians “pansies” and “morons,” and said the Bible was “bullshit.” Savage also said the Bible pushes a pro-slavery message.

So much for tolerance and being against bullying!

But, make no mistake about it, folks. This is the sort of hate and lies that liberalism is based on. They love to pretend they are the tolerant ones, but their ideology is always the first to start the re-education camps and firing squads when you disagree with them — just ask the Kulaks, the Jews, and those that disagreed with Pol Pot and the bloody Red Chinese.

Dan Savage would love to kill as many of you that disagree with him as he could. He is a typical liberal.

We cannot escape the conclusion that President Obama is on the same page as this cretin, too. After all, Obama has not fired this man as his “bullying czar.” Obama continues to support him to the fullest extent. Proof once again that Barack Obama is the most extreme, far left president in American history.

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