LA Times Lies About Opposition To Unlawful Immigration

As to be expected, the editors of the Los Angeles Times published an editorial expressing their collective opinion about President Obama’s new immigration policy.

In general, the editorial expresses an opinion shared by a majority of U.S. citizens who have been polled about the President’s new policy.

However, the editorial deviates from the majority view when the editors state the following:

Friday’s announcement angered anti-immigrant groups, which complained that the president’s action amounts to little more than a blanket amnesty.

This statement by the editors is a lie. The groups that were angered are not anti-immigrant. Instead, they are anti-illegal immigration, meaning that the groups are anti-illegal behavior. Those groups have no objection to immigration when done through legal means.

You can support the President’s immigration policy without lying about the people who are opposed to the policy.

Why would the editors of the LA Times tell such a lie?  Who do they think they are, politicians?

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