Right Online 2012: Las Vegas, Nevada

I am here in Las Vegas this weekend to attend Right Online 2012 (the 5th annual) sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

Last night was epic and today’s activities promise to be even greater.


Last night we were regaled by a welcoming by Americans For Prosperity President Tim Phillips and a handful of other speakers including Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and conservative writer Michelle Malkin.

Sarah Palin at Right Online

Michelle Malkin at Right Online

Palin was her always scintillating best, of course, and Michelle Malkin really rallied the troops for online activism

Handheld video of Sarah Palin’s Friday night address by Shane Vander Heart of Caffeinated Thoughts.

Of course Palin was a highlight but we were also given a sneak peek of the upcoming film Hating Breitbart. Not only that but we got to see the world premiere of the new film Occupy Unmasked.

Here are the trailers for these great films:

It was a great night with great friends and wonderful speakers.

John Ruberry of MarathonPundit.com, Me, and Doug Welch of Stix Blog (Photo taken by Duane Lester, All American Blogger)

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