Obama to Wisconsin’s Recall Pushing Unions: I Was Just Too Busy To Bother With You

Well, we finally know why President Obama didn’t bother to go to Wisconsin to support Democrat Tom Barrett in the late recall effort so heavily supported by his biggest constituents, the unions. He was just too darn busy.

When asked by a Wisconsin TV reporter from Green Bay why he never got to Wisconsin to campaign for Barrett who was running against Republican superstar Scott Walker, Obama noted that as President he was just too darn busy.

According to the president:

Well, you know, the truth of the matter is that as President of the United States I’ve got a lot of responsibilities, uhhh, I was supportive of Tom and, uh, had been supportive of Tom. Ahhh, but, obviously, uhh, I would like to have seen a different result…

Certainly we can all agree that it really is a “truth of the matter” that being President of the United States is quite a demanding job. But one has to ask that if he was too busy with the myriad of duties he faces as President, why did he have time for about a bazillion fundraisers the very week of the recall election?

“The truth of the matter” is that Obama has thrown literally hundreds of fundraisers — Up to June 7 some 270 different fundraisers, more than any President — and was even just south of the Cheddar Curtain down in Chicago only a few days before Election Day.

The very day after the June 5 recall election he went on a spree of California-based funders attending four of them in one day.

But his June 6 schedule was nothing. A mere four days before Wisconsin’s Election Day he attended no less than six of them in one day, three in Minneapolis and three in Chicago.

Still, with a schedule like this I guess I can see why he was just too darn busy to indulge even one little campaign stop to help out his union pals in Wisconsin. Obama’s a busy man, indeed, and must be exhausted.

Only I don’t see a whole lot of the people’s business getting done with this intense fundraising schedule, do you?

But it has to be said. If I were a union man, I’d be none too happy that the single most important election in the country for union issues was completely ignored by the president I spent so much blood, tears, and money to get elected.

Well, maybe not completely ignored. There was that one heartwarming Tweet that he had some long-suffering staffer type out.

So, the unions have that going for them, which is nice.

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