Georgia: KKK Won’t Be Allowed To Adopt A Highway

As invariably happens, especially in a story with natural racial overtones, when a conservative tries to point out where the obvious hypocrisy would be, I’ll be branded a racist. But here goes anyway. A one mile stretch of highway in North Georgia will remain unkept, at least until another, more suitable group applies to adopt it. A local KKK group filled out the proper paperwork and wanted to adopt a one mile stretch of state route 515, but they are being denied the opportunity.

From CNN:

Keith Golden, commissioner for the state Department of Transportation, wrote the chapter’s secretary that officials determined the mountain roadway, with a speed limit of 65 mph, was not a safe place for cleanup volunteers to work.

Golden’s letter to April Chambers cited other concerns.

“The impact of erecting a sign naming an organization which has a long-rooted history of civil disturbance would cause a significant public concern,” he wrote. “Impacts include safety of the traveling public, potential social unrest, driver distraction or interference with the flow of traffic.”

While I don’t deny that it would be in poor taste to erect a sign with KKK on it in a prominent way, I just can’t help but wonder if Georgia state officials would have denied The Black Panthers the same opportunity? Just a question.

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