All of these things are just like the other …

Here’s the list:

  • janitor at a solar panel facility
  • public transportation hybrid bus driver
  • school bus driver
  • school bus service technician
  • bicycle shop employee
  • antique dealer
  • clerk at Goodwill
  • clerk at a used record store
  • clerk at a consignment shop
  • garbage man
  • energy industry lobbyist who promotes environmental issues

Stumped?  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they are all “green jobs.”

The truly sad thing is, even with all this padding the “green jobs” sector – the primary focus of President Obama’s job creation efforts – has experienced one of the poorest growth rates of the last three years.

But of course we’d all be fools NOT to keep believing in President Obama’s magical job creation skills.

(h/t El Rushbo, The Daily Caller)

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