The “Good Effort, Good Job” Kid

Sometimes a story just reaffirms your faith in humanity, or at least your faith in the innocence of childhoo. 9-year-old Jack Meyer, the voice you hear encouraging Miami Heat players as they leave the court has clearly been raised well. Jack, a dedicated Miami Heat fan, had those “good effort, good job” words for his all the members of his team after they lost a pivotal game 5 at home against the Boston Celtics to go down 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Final. Never mind that LeBron, DWade, and Chris Bosh make tens of millions of dollars a year. Jack clearly had been taught good sportsmanship and he had a little to share with his heros – which you can hear 20 or so seconds into the video.

Professional sports could use a little more of Jack’s good sportsmanship…

Via Larry Brown Sports

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