Ace Proves Prescient

Predicts Presidential Pique

Alliteration aside, Ace (of Ace of Spades) scores big, if unintended, fortuneteller chops by predicting White House spin on William Jefferson “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms Lewinski…” Clinton’s off the reservation remarks:

On Wednesday quoth the ace:

Oh, Here’s a Better Analogy: Every have a very old relation who says racist things and embarrasses the family?

And then people say two things: “He’s very set in his ways” and “He just doesn’t care anymore.”

I don’t, but Adam Carolla was talking about that last month.

So: Bill Clinton’s retired. He earned his federal pension. It’s Golf City for him now.

He’ll show up at family gatherings if you insist on it, but don’t get him started on his Dominican Maid Who Steals His Pills.

He may say embarrassing things, but he’s very set in his ways, and he just doesn’t care anymore.


followed by


Thursday’s reality

“He’s 65 years old,” said one adviser, explaining how Clinton in a CNBC interview managed to say that the economy was in recession when it is not.


Watch out, Glenn, you’ve got competition now…

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