Brett Kimberlin: Liberals Embrace Convicted Criminal as Their Own

Looks like a left-wing, wannabe murderer and convicted domestic terrorist has decided to start threatening several conservative bloggers over their posts about his violent past. The scumbag in question, one Brett Kimberlin, even found the home phone number of one of these bloggers and left a veiled threat to the man’s wife and family.

Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain has vacated his house for a while just in case this convicted bomber decides to come calling. I’d say Robert observed a good precaution since this monster called his house and threatened his wife and family and since this leftists is a convicted bomber, and all.

For a quick overview of who this creep is, Lee Stranahan made a short introduction video on Brett Kimberlin:

Lee also has a lot of other info on Kimberlin on his blog. Another extensive series of posts was made by Arron Worthing. Also Michelle Malkin wrote about this typical liberal Democrat.

Yes, I am calling this domestic terrorist a typical liberal. They embrace Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. They embrace Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They love Elliot Spitzer. They accepted and elected Bobby Rush and his ilk, former criminal Black Panther Party members.

Yet, where are all the convicted felons that conservatives constantly embrace? The recently deceased Chuck Colson or his co-conspirator G Gordon Liddy? How many others can you name?

There really aren’t many on the right that get convicted of things and are still accepted (or later accepted) as a worthy part of the conservative community. But liberals? Ah, liberals accept criminals, rapists, murderers, terrorists… any manner of criminal, drug addict, murderer, and felon is accepted by the left. This Kimberlin cretin is just yet another example.

All you have to do is parrot the correct left-wing tropes and it doesn’t matter what kind of crime you’ve committed and they will accept you with open arms. The left is a criminal enterprise, anyway, so it is no surprise.

It always amazes me that leftists are allowed any legitimacy at all.

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