Transparency? Secret, Soros, Left-Wing, 1% Summit Meeting Held Behind Closed Doors

A luxury resort in Miami, Florida with police-guarded closed doors was the home of a secret George Soros-backed summit attended by deep-pocketed left-wing donors over the weekend of May 12. They met to plan their strategy for the 2012 elections and beyond. Yes, it was all hush hush and secret-like — so much for all that “transparency” those lefties are always braying about.

The event hosted by the leftist group Democracy Alliance was reported upon by the Washington Free Beacon from afar. I say from afar because the Soros-paid group refused the reporters access to the event.

Holding true to their hoary claims of the need for an open and transparent political system, the cadre of lefties had armed guards turn away reporters of the Beacon who tried to gain access to the summit after-party. The Beacon’s reporters were even harassed in front of the hotel by the rent-a-cops paid by Soros and his pals to keep the summit secret.

Attendees of the summit include a who’s who of left-wing One Percenters and Union thugs, including:

  • Former Service Employees International Union Chief Andy Stern
  • George Soros Spokesman Michael Vachon
  • Media Matters Executive VP, Ari Rabin-Havt
  • Neera Tanden, President of The Center for American Progress
  • Former Representative Tom Perriello (D, Vir.)
  • Former White House Advisor Van Jones
  • Former Rep. Alan Grayson (D., Fla.)

These and a long list of investment managers, left-wing think tankers, Obama administration advisors, and other members of the lefty fringe were noted by the Beacon.

Almost no reports of this conference were made by the Old Media, though, as the Beacon notes, the New York Times did report that that the conference was to be held. Still, The Times neither reported who was in attendance nor where it was to be held in order to help the Soros event maintain its secrecy — a benefit they’d never have offered a supposedly secret conservative event.

With all this secrecy it is most interesting to note how these same people are constantly scolding conservatives for not being “transparent” in their reporting of what they donate and to whom.

It isn’t surprising that the Old Media has helped Soros and his minions hide their secret event, though.

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